Our Timbers

At Sash Windows and Doors, we offer a range of soft and hardwoods for your build requirements. As professional joiners and carpenters, we work to the of highest standards, with the best materials on the market. With a range of treatments and finishes, we aim not only to provide you with sash windows and doors which are aesthetically pleasing, but also withstand the test of time, with minimal maintenance.

Our timbers originate from a sustainable source which holds a ‘Forest Stewardship Council Certificate’, so you can be completely as ease, knowing that for each tree felled, another one will be grown in its place.

There are a range of benefits in using timber for the sash windows and doors of your property, as opposed to opting for those made from plastic or PVC-u.

Timber has been a traditional method of decorating our homes for hundreds of years; it is a natural and environmentally friendly material, and will last for many years to come with minimal maintenance – such as a coat of paint or wood stain every 7 years or so.

Timber has always been a good insulator, and is a strong material, which can be repaired easily – if the needs be. At Sash Windows and Doors, we aim to keep with the traditional values of the design and build of period timber sash windows and doors, and do not seek to make changes to the original style.

Although plastic and PVC-u are popular amongst many sash window companies within the UK, these materials are not sustainable, and cannot be painted over if their outlook de-grades overtime, or becomes warped and therefore unable to provide adequate insulation.

The production and disposal of PVC-u involves the release of poisonous chemicals, which poses a risk to health and the surrounding environment, however; timber is a sustainable source, and is not hazardous to health – which is why the industry is now seeing a steady growth in those with PVC-u and plastic, switching back to traditional building methods.

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